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Security is part and parcel of any organization. Strata security services ensure the protection of your complex and important information.

Many security companies in Melbourne offer strata security services. Some of them provide basic security facilities. Others go the extra mile to offer more up-to-date security services.
Melbournians look for cameras in strata buildings or need modern security solutions. That’s why we are here to assist them with everything. A1 Security Melbourne offers advanced surveillance systems that notify you about anything on your mobile phone.

We offer security guards and CCTV installation systems to protect the premises of your complex. However, the services need to be more foolproof to protect thieves from a break-in. We have advanced security solutions to your problems.

How does the Strata Security System Protect Your Data & Information?

The strata security system ensures the ultimate safety of your premises. You can secure your apps on any cloud without cyber threats. We use encrypted methods and security measures to meet the security requirements of our customers.

You can use the CCTV system or security cameras in the Strata building.

It Collects On-Premise & Cloud System Data

A hybrid security system ensures the combination of on-premise and cloud data. It is the most innovative and modern way to protect sensitive information. As a result, some companies look for security solutions that offer on-premise data protection and monitoring of cloud-based applications.

You can resolve distribution identity management problems through the system. A no-code source ensures the performance of the integration tasks.

The innovative security system identifies the issues and updates the legacy identity infrastructure.
Many companies employ cyber security rules for data protection. It helps to prevent illegal access to critical business information. For instance, you can give access to sensitive data to only a few team members.

Security management decides the cyber rules that can cause complexity. Our cloud-based system prevents confusion and complications. In addition, we help small companies and small businesses who are considering an on-premise system.
The strata security services maximize customer satisfaction. They are reasonable for all customers across Melbourne.

Strata Security Systems

It Employs 128-Bit Encryption.

We provide a premium security solution to all business companies. The quality of our performance is always maintained. In addition, we use encrypted technologies to secure your data.

Your data is safe with the innovative technology 128-Bit Encryption. Our innovative technology ensures the protection of your data from hackers. The system allows only particular people with the necessary credentials to access your information. Your information is safe from anyone with the same username or password.

We employ a three-failure lockout system to prevent third-party’s access to your system. Plus! Your employees also cannot access your password. It is because they do not have permission to ask for your credentials.

Our modern technological system is the most secure security solution in Melbourne. However, 128-Bit Encryption is not easy to crack and needs complicated computation.

All renowned companies and websites practice encryption technology for data safety. So you can get your data secured with the maximum surety of premium quality.

Why Choose Our Strata Security System?

Easy Usage

Our customer friendly technology is easy to use and dynamic. You can use the technology according to your needs.

The strata security services ensure maximum ease. Moreover, you receive a notification related to your security system on your phone.

Our services have made information monitoring very easy. You can get a quick security alarm for any mishap. In addition, our monitoring program is active round the clock.

The strata security system specialists also help you discuss anything on call.

One of our great offers is two-way voice communication. It helps when you need strata security in an emergency. Also, it increases the response time and efficiency of services.


The strata security system is the most reliable security solution in Melbourne. Therefore, we are the best option if you are looking for a suitable strata security contractor.

Our outstanding bespoke data analysis abilities have made us the right pick for security seekers. Moreover, we employ Ethernet and Modbus integration technologies to provide security. These innovative means let you access your information with greater ease.

Our customers rely on our services as we have a transparent organizational structure. In addition, we value honesty, fairness, and dedication.

Strata Security helps authorized people access information via an access control system. Plus! The system also features a common-locking area to maximize the security level.

Good Regulation

Our well regulated services meet all the requirements of regulatory standards. As a result, they comply with all the standard rules and regulations. It reduces the time consuming efforts of the security team.

We offer the finest services for companies with limited resources. For example, the aviation sector avails our services as we save their time and energy. They spend their resources on compliance with the standard frameworks.

Wrapping It All Up

Strata Security services are the most trusted security services across Melbourne. We ensure your data protection in a well regulated manner. Honesty and transparency are our core values.

Our mission is to use modern technology tools to prevent cyber risks and threats. In addition, we strive to improve ourselves with the honest feedback of our clients.

Guaranteed Quality Assurance

Our team of experienced professional personnel works on service quality assurance for unending client satisfaction.

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