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It’s a fundamental human right to feel safe in your own home and the community around you. For many, unfortunately, this is not the case. Sadly, the safety of people across Melbourne and Australia is constantly being threatened by terrifying offenders who carry weapons. The right to live safely should be at the center of every person’s life. This is why we’ve made it our mission at Security Melbourne to provide world-class security services in Melbourne and across Australia. So, you can professionally hire security guards and security services around you if you need bank security guards, events security services, or want to protect your house.

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen increased demand for mobile security services. We are a Melbourne-based company offering security services to the commercial and residential sectors. As a result, we’ve developed a variety of patrol packages that meet the specific needs of our clients across Melbourne. Security Melbourne is a professional mobile and static security patrol service provider providing constant mobile patrolling to businesses, and domestic and residential complexes throughout Melbourne. Our team has developed industry-leading systems, processes, technology, equipment, and training protocols to provide premium security guard services.
General security services of Security Melbourne include security officers, mobile security patrol, event security, crowd control, regular and fixed site patrols, and other VIP protection. Guard services of the company specialize in various sectors such as jewelry, retail, car parking, residential and commercial.

The company is proud of providing specialist mobile patrol services across Melbourne. The security services Melbourne guards are on the ground 24/7 and for every shift. They can quickly respond to an incident, assess a situation, and take immediate action. It takes just minutes to change a schedule, and our management software allows you to see exactly where your mobile patrol is at any time via GPS tracking. We’re also happy to complete background checks for our clients so we can provide a safe environment for you and your customers. Security guards Melbourne are very discrete in their patrol duties. Security Melbourne Professional guards will not be a disturbance to your business or customers. We take a proactive approach to all incidents and implement our integrated incident management process to ensure that an incident is managed effectively and efficiently.
Our commitment is to use our industry-leading techniques and experience. We take pride in being considered as the most reliable and experienced private mobile patrol services in Melbourne. We can provide you total peace of mind by building a partnership with you.


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Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission
Security Melbourne has a vision of becoming Australia’s most successful security provider. We do this by creating and building long lasting relationships with our clients, employees, suppliers and the community. We endeavor to be transparent and honest with all relationships. Security Melbourne’s values are:
We believe trust is the foundation for any relationship.
We are passionate about our clients, employees, suppliers and the community.
We don’t go it alone, we collaborate with others.

When you choose Security Melbourne Services, you’re choosing a company that drives progress and evolution with unwavering passion. There’s nothing we can’t do, as a result of thinking big. We believe our company is hollow without honesty and integrity. We forge healthy relationships with mutual respect for others. We push ourselves to do great work every day, and then go further. We earn each other’s trust so we can drive what matters forward.

security companies melbourne
Our Beliefs
Leadership is a force that makes all others better. It’s the belief that we all have something to contribute to a better tomorrow. Security Melbourne is a security and wellbeing business. We are here to provide peace of mind to pursue passion in life by providing security. Our mission is to make the community of Melbourne and its surrounding areas a safer place. That’s why we believe in doing business with our community. Security Melbourne has long committed to providing inclusive services for all; to engage with everyone and demonstrate respect for all people regardless of culture, gender, disability or race.
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Holding each other accountable to a set of core values, regardless of position. Personal growth and development has also supported through our flexible training programs. Security Melbourne is committed to ensuring that our security guards are trained and competent. We start by offering a comprehensive training program for new employees. All new employees at Security Melbourne working in security must complete guard training courses before they start their first shift. The training covers essential skills to be a successful security guard, including customer service, conflict resolution, communication skills, defensive driving, first aid and terrorism awareness.

In addition to the initial training, we also ensure that all of our guards consistently further their professional development by attending various industry seminars and events. Our staff also has access to 24/7 online courses where they can learn modules that were unavailable in the past through various training providers. Melbourne Security wants to make a positive change in the lives of those who work with us and we identify our community’s needs as one of our most important jobs.

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