Security Uniform Australia – The Complete Dress Code

Security Uniform Australia – The Complete Dress Code

A security uniform is a symbol of peace and safety. Moreover, it deters criminals. A uniformed security guard shows pride and professionalism.

In addition, he prevents crimes merely with his presence. We have you covered if you want security Uniforms in Australia details.

Scroll down to learn everything about security clothing in Australia.

What Does Security Clothing Australia Include?

The role of security uniforms in security services is inevitable. Furthermore, it is an essential part of a security guard’s personality.

Let’s have a look at what the dress is for our security team.

Uniform Shirt

Security uniform shirts come in varying designs. Moreover, the color and patterns depend on the security company.

Security officers and security guards have a slight difference. The corporate shirts have pockets with Velcro closures. In addition, there is the company’s logo in the chest pocket. 

Trousers/ Jackets

The security trousers are flexible and durable. Moreover, they have certain pockets to keep security essentials. Plus! The designs vary as per the security company.

High visibility jackets are the most vital part of the security uniform. Further, many security companies have bright-colored jackets to enhance visibility.  

Security guards wear black and white jackets. However, crowd control and emergency security personnel wear colored security jackets Australia-wide. 


Neckties ensure complete security uniform. A small metallic clip helps to fix the tie. Moreover, some knots impart additional features to it.

The security uniform ties are durable. Plus! They are lined and have a unique design. Also, there is a company logo on the necktie.


Security uniform includes safety hats or caps. Like all other uniform accessories, they also have varying colors.

The headwear reflects the company’s name and logo. Most of the time, security caps are black. However, different companies have different cap colors according to the uniform.


Security personnel and police use special footwear. Their safety boots ensure premium protection. Moreover, they are comfortable.

Comfortable and sturdy shoes keep feet restful for long hours. There is a safety toe cap on the boots. In addition, they are resistant to water and damage. 

Top Companies That Make Security Apparel In Australia

There are many uniform companies in Australia. They provide quality uniforms for many organizations, including the security sector.  

With more uniform companies come more branding options. Here is your stopping place if you are looking for a trusted brand.

We have gathered top security uniform providers across Australia. Read further to learn which one meets your demands. 

Fully Promoted

Fully Promoted is one of the leading team wear companies. Also, the company aims to provide long-lasting quality uniforms.

It commits to helping you get the uniform design of your choice.

In addition, Fully Promoted has years of experience in serving customers. Plus! The company aspires to use all tips and tricks to achieve customer satisfaction. It offers

  • Retail uniform
  • High visibility jackets
  • Headwear with the company’s logo
  • Stylish and polished apparel

Murray Uniforms Australia

Murray Uniform is one of the best online uniform stores. The company designs specific designs that suit your requirements. Also, it maintains fabric quality and clothing standards.

You can count on Murray Uniform for many reasons. The company offers quality service and quick delivery.

Getting uniforms through Murray Uniform has become easy as you need to place your order and mention your requirements. Plus! You can get your security guard uniform Australia-wide.

  • The company offers
  • Headwear
  • Footwear
  • Vests
  • Security uniform accessories
  • High visibility jackets

The Uniform Guys

The Uniform Guys is a fantastic uniform provider across Australia. In addition, you get plain items or designed uniforms according to your choice. The company has been winning the trust of customers since 2009.

Reasonable pieces and quality services are the hallmarks of the company. It offers

  • High visibility security wears
  • Safety wears
  • Screen printing uniforms
  • Printing and embroidery services

Total Uniform Solutions

Total Uniform Solutions offer all kinds of uniforms, including security wear. In addition, the company aims to provide stylish and functional uniforms for customers.

The company is both a supplier and manufacturer of uniforms. Moreover, it delivers uniforms and related accessories all across Australia.

The services of Total Uniform Solutions include

  • Stylish and functional uniforms
  • Headwear
  • Neckties
  • Security belts
  • Customized uniform accessories


Many security uniform providers in Australia provide quality services. Also, they deliver online uniforms across the country. You can get uniforms from any company, including A1 Security.

We hope you choose the right uniform provider. And get the desired uniform that matches your designation and needs. 


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