Security License in Victoria – All You Need to Know

Security License in Victoria – All You Need to Know

Eligibility Standard for Private Security License:

We know the eligibility criteria and stringent protocols tire everyone. The Victorian security industry has set easy-to-meet standards to ensure easy access to private security. 

To be eligible for a license of a security application in Victoria.

  • The applicant must be eighteen years or above.
  • He should be medically fit and has no involvement in any police case.
  • He must be a citizen of Australia. A current visa is mandatory for outsiders, along with related work rights.
  • The applicant must be able to provide at least two references that depict his capabilities to serve in the security industry.
  • Anyone serving a term of imprisonment is not eligible for the application.
  • Completing the security training is also mandatory. The applicant is under obligation to show competency for training sessions to enhance his capabilities relevant to the field.

Requirements & Standards for Fingerprinting:

According to the new legislation, all individuals concerned with security license applications must undertake a fingerprinting record. Do you know the requirements and standards for fingerprinting? It is an act of live scanning in which the history of fingerprints of an individual gets saved by electronic means. 

Besides live scanning, ink fingerprinting is also appropriate for security licenses in Melbourne. 

If you are new to Victoria or just a local citizen with no information about fingerprinting, you can contact Victoria Police Department.

Requesters cards and a good picture I’d are necessary for fingerprinting. It is essential to keep in mind that immigrants are not eligible for fingerprinting services. 

How to Renew a Security License in Victoria?

Is your security license expired? Worry not. You can renew your security license after ninety days after the expiry of your last license. There is no rocket science behind the renewal of a security license. You have to follow easy-peasy guidelines and get your license renewed.

You need to submit an online application for a new security license. There is an eight-week request for new issuance after the old one expires. Further, evidence also needs to be given that meets the training requirements of the course.

Security matters are delicate and need proper authentication for any proceeding. For example, while renewing or replacing your security license, you must ensure your photograph is taken at any Renew a Service Licence center.

Types of License

A license gives you a legal right to ensure protection and security. The security licenses in Melbourne, Australia, have two general categories. Let’s talk about the two in detail.

Agent Licences

The Victorians with agent licenses must serve as mentioned in the Security Control Act. The task of an agent license holder is to advertise non-agent licensed citizens. In this way, they employ non-agent license holders but do not perform their services. Plus! Agent license holders are bound to maintain records and ensure thorough communication with the commissioner of police. Agent license includes

Crowd Control Agent License

The security license for crowd control makes sure you advertise other crowd controllers. However, you can perform the duties of a crowd controller.

Interrogation Agent License

Just like a Crowd Control Agent license agent, ab interrogation agent only advertises the services of an investigation officer. The license does not demand to work as an investigator.

Non-Agent Licences

The Victorians who have non-agent licenses have to serve as per their designations. Unlike agent security licenses, non-agent licenses demand complete action for assigned tasks. 

Non-agent license includes

Security Guard License

If you get a security guard license in Victoria, you must protect and guard a specific property. Therefore, carrying a weapon is not permissible without a license endorsement. Plus! Firearms and relevant tools are acceptable under particular circumstances.

Security Consultant License

The security consultant license allows you to advise and discuss security-related matters. The license holder goes from place to place to search for the people willing to enter the contract.

Crowd Controller License

The crowd controller license allows you to monitor people’s actions and behaviors. The permit applies to public places, entertainment centers, and crowded spaces. No weapon or related tool is permissible while performing crowd control duties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the eligibility criteria for applying for a security license in Victoria?

If you want to apply for a license, you must be above 18. One should be a resident of Australia, or one should have legal rights to work here. You should not have any criminal history. You have to provide at least two written references making sure you are a perfect fit for employment. 

2. What will be the procedure for applying for a new license?

Applying for a new license in Victoria needs you to fulfill probity requirements. Follow the guidelines of the Victorian Security Institute. In addition, you have to place an advertisement regarding your application in a newspaper. The format for the advertisement must be proper. You will soon get your license via email.  

3. How long will it take to process my license application?

The time period may vary according to your location. The process is online. It takes a maximum of four to five weeks to complete the processing of your license application. All the related details are available on the respective websites.


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