Top Ten Security Companies in Melbourne

Top Ten Security Companies in Melbourne

Melbourne is a busy city and is at a greater risk of mishaps. Everyone demands a safe and secure environment. There are a large number of security companies offering their services in Melbourne. Melbourne security companies are numerous. We have made a choice more accessible for you. 

Here are some top security companies providing the best services. 

A1 Security Services

A1 Security Services makes sure to offer quality security services. Experienced security guards, the latest security equipment, and quick services make A1 Security one of the top security companies. 

A1 Security provides security services to different industries and companies. The company also serves residential and public areas. 

The integration of the access control system makes it even easier to meet your requirements. 

Bandit Security 

Bandit Security is the best choice if you’re looking for an advanced security system in Melbourne. 

The company offers the best security system to meet your demands. You can connect to the security equipment anytime. 

Bandit Security allows your phone and tablet to connect with alarm systems, cameras, and intercom. The latest technology, access control, and intruder alarms make bandit Security a cut above the rest. 

AIG Security 

AIG, one of the leading Melbourne security companies, provides intelligent and individualized security. 

The company offers trained security guards services, patrols, and the best alarm systems. 

AIG assesses all required skills before they hire security guards. All the security officers are professional and specialized. 

With the best CCTV system, mobile patrols, and security alarms, AIG fulfills all the demands of its clients. 

The company tries its best to meet the highest standard of providing security. AIG is one of security Melbourne’s trusted choices. 

Safezone Security Services

To get the services of a security guard, hire Melbourne’s top security company. 

Safezone Security Services aim to provide insured and competent security guards. The team’s dedication and hard work make it one of the most well-known security providers. 

The company tries its best to integrate with the client’s vision. It offers security guard services for every event or party. 

Whether an individual event or a large gathering, Safezone Security’s security guards are there to give you quality services. 

The professional staff puts out their best efforts to meet customers’ expectations. 

Alfa Security Services 

Alfa Security Services is well-known for its professionalism, skills, and quick response. 

The security guards not only provide security, but they are also competent enough to help you achieve your desired outcomes. 

Alfa Security Melbourne provides security for industrial locations. The expert team manages the access even to a busy corporate office. 

The company appoints your security providers according to your requirements. 

National Protective Services

National Protective Services has been serving the nation since 1988. The consistent and outstanding customer services make this company all-in-one. 

The company believes in innovative ideas to improve training, services, and ethics. Building long-lasting relationships with clients and supporting their goals is the objective of National Protective Services. 

This professional team provides residential, commercial, and industrial security services

Hillside Security 

Hillside Security is your trusted partner to provide asset, people, and property security. According to the clients, the company is one of the top security companies. 

The focus of the team is on providing security services in any situation. The Hillside Security team has been offering valuable services to domestic and foreign markets. 

The professional staff is capable of handling any security issue and crowd control. 

Mission Security Services 

Mission Security Services is one of Melbourne’s most reliable security companies. The company has the objective of keeping your residential and commercial areas secure. 

The team has good inter personal skills. Plus, they have efficient management plans.

This excellence is the fruit of teamwork and professionalism. 

If you are looking for thorough security in Melbourne, Mission Security Services is the best option. The ultimate priority of the company is the security of the clients. 

MA Services Group 

If you are looking for commercial security services in Melbourne, MA Services Group is your ultimate partner. 

In addition to Melbourne, the company is also serving other cities in Australia. This private security provider aims to safeguard customers and employees of a business. 

The MA Services team is an expert in risk assessment and management. This helps to have an idea of security mishaps that can happen in the future. 

Unified Protective Group  

The unified protective group is one of the well-known security providers in Melbourne. They provide residential, commercial, and industrial security. 

The company makes sure to hire a security guard who is highly qualified and experienced. Cutting-edge technology, mobile patrols, and alarm monitoring are the merits of Unified Protective Group. They guarantee a consistent and high level of service. 


The top ten security companies in Melbourne offer a range of security services that cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses in the city. These companies have proven track records in providing reliable and efficient security solutions that help clients feel safe and secure. They have well-trained and experienced staff, advanced technology and equipment, and adhere to strict industry standards. Whether you need security guards, CCTV surveillance, access control, or other security measures, these companies have you covered. In choosing a security company, it is essential to do your research, read reviews, and consider factors such as reputation, experience, and cost. With the top ten security companies in Melbourne at your disposal, you can trust that you are in safe hands.


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